Black butler sebastian x pregnant reader lemon

Hey everyone! This is my first character x reader story so yeah Anyways, I'll take harsh criticism if you pm me. Favorite and Review please! In this story, your a young girl whatever age you really are and you are super demented and strong.

Your strength matches that of a Demon's more or less.

sebastian michaelis x pregnant reader

You love to see people die and hate love Let's see what Sebastian has in store for you. London was bright red, on fire, because of me. The crimson color matched the blood stained streets. What a beautiful sight, I thought to myself. I sigh and fall bored again. That's what caused me to start this mess in the first place anyway. I walk down the streets, a man on the ground pleading for me to help him.

I giggled and stepped on his torso. I continued down the street when out the corner of my eye I saw a red headed person jumping from roof to roof. Around a corner the figure stops and turns around. I hide behind the wall. I almost gasp as I opened my eyes.

The figure wasn't there, but was looking at a tall thin man with raven hair. The black haired man turned around. I could have sworn he saw me. I begin to make my escape casually. Just in case, I limp past the two. Once I thought I'd go unnoticed, I turned around.

Aoyama X Reader

Nothing's behind me. I turn back to face front and ran into the raven haired guy. My business is with Ciel Phantomhive. I gulp and the man stares me in the eye.Jutting out your bottom lip in a pout, you sat on the bed that Sebastian was trying to straighten the duvet on. Crossing you arms, you remained seated on the bed, much to his chagrin. A soft sigh left his ivory lips as he gazed down at you.

black butler sebastian x pregnant reader lemon

I mean, I know what you are. I want to know you, in every way.

black butler sebastian x pregnant reader lemon

I love you, Sebastian. Another sigh escaped his lips, this one sounded far more exasperated as he turned on his heel, walking across the room to dust off the mantle on the opposite side of the room. Rising from your spot on the bed, you walked over to him and carefully wrapped your arms around him from behind. I know who you are.

You pressed your lips to the valley between his shoulder blades, kissing the spot gently as you tightened your arms around him, hugging him close. A smile crept across his lips as he folded his arms over yours before pulling them away from his torso. Taking your hands in his, he spun around to gaze down into your eyes, searching them for a trace of doubt. Walking you back over to the bed, he placed his hands on your waist and sat you down on the edge of the bed, before stepping a few feet back.

You kept your eyes glued to his frame as a dark aura began to exude from his body. Shadows seemed to envelop him as impressive, midnight black wings sprouted with ease from his spine. He grew taller as pointed heels became his feet. You could feel your jaw hanging freely as it began to gape at his transformation. The change was so fluid; it was mesmerizing. His eyes met yours and they seemed to glow a vibrant shade of fuchsia. As fluidly as he transformed, Sebastian melted back into his standard form.

His dumbstruck expression remained as he knelt before you in front of the bed. You look beautiful. Either way. I see you. A soft giggle left your lips as you smiled down down at him, draping your arms around his neck. He returned your grin as he leaned forward, seizing you waist in his grasp delicately as he stood and laid you back on the bed.

Leaning over you, he studied your features intricately, smiling brightly as he lowered his face closer to yours, until you could feel his breath tickle your bottom lip. You continue to surprise me everyday.

black butler sebastian x pregnant reader lemon

I love you. Your breath was hardly a whisper as he grinned down at you softly, before pressing his lips to yours.

Sebastian X Viewer -- Cantarella -- Black Butler

I cannot believe I still get notes on anything. I miss writing so, so much. I really want to get back into it. Rest and relaxation was all that you could hope for after the ordeal you had just been through, but the next day at your manor was proving to be one of the oddest you had ever experienced.

When did you even meet her? I was here, awaiting your return and she dropped by in hopes of surprising you and Ciel. I offered to show her around and keep her entertained and we hit it off. Do you even realize how idiotic you sound? Love at first sight is a myth!While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Sable showed up at home one day with guys she'd never met before, but feels like she's known her entire life. All of them see the woman of their dreams in her - a woman who mysteriously left their lives without a trace before she showed up. But because of this Sable finds herself in the most erotic of circumstances over and over, but no matter how hard she tries, she's just unable to resist the pleasure they bring her as they use her to meet their own needs.

Can demons have a soulmate? What would happen if his master fell for the same girl as him? After an incident she arrives at a luxurious manor and meets Earl Ciel Phantomhive and his butler Sebastian Michaelis. Prideful and righteous, no one could touch you, an angelic being of ethereal beauty.

That is until a certain demon enters the picture, causing a whirlwind of chaos. This is a group of short Stories, Reader Inserts and Preferences. There will be Characters that I have made inserted into this story I am just a writer exercising her short story skills.

Some will be gory, some will be smutty, and some will be fluffy. You Have Been Warned. I May or May Not take requests. Sorry Not Sorry.

Lmao enjoy. Once upon a time, there's existed two worlds, One lived an aristocrat orphan whose parents were taken away from him from a horrendous fire, kidnapped for a satanic ritual before his birthday, tortured, abused and a demonic seal in his eye.

His suffering ended when he summoned a demon named Sebastian Michaelis who swore an oath to be, "One hell of a butler". On the other side, exists another world, ruled by fear and man-eating beasts named: The Titans, 3 kids who lost their families to the titans: Eren, Mikasa, and Armin are now training to become soldiers and hoping to get rid of the Titans once and for all!While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. You felt a gentle nudge on your shoulder, stirring you from your slumber.

You mumbled something, eyes blinking open. The curtains were drawn, only pinpricks of light seeping through. Sitting up, you looked to the butler, meeting with a pair of crimson eyes.

Morning, it was time to go. You glanced over your shoulder to see if he was awake. Ciel slept on, tangled in the sheets. His hands were still reached out to where you were supposed to be, like a child groping for its teddy bear. Sebastian laid out your uniform, pressed and cleaned, on the end of the bed.

You were glad the blankets offered you coverage, seeing as you were bare beneath them. Sebastian wouldn't have cared, but modesty was modesty. He had acted as your alarm clock of sorts during these strange months. Up early to see you out of the Master's room, before anyone else could see a Phantomhive maid in such a scandalous affair. Ciel loved you, of course. And you loved him. If only the rest of the world understood that. Nights of passion would be read as lust, your position in society making you an unsuitable partner to the great Earl of Phantomhive.

You slipped out of bed, your feet cold from the hardwood flooring. You padded over to the end of the large bed, redressing in your old clothes.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. I've transferred the chapters from my wattpad account to here, but I will not be able to update them to my satisfaction for quite some time.

Was the longest running BB fanfic on wattpad with 87 parts as of may 13th He didn't say much, didn't have to, I had stepped into his trap willingly and let him pounce with the utmost content, the need to feel something far outweighing any petty sense of self preservation that had lasted long enough to even attempt to intervene.

A Sebastian Michaelis x Reader lemon here! Allow me to show you class when concerning dirty jokes in the worlds of comedy and Black Butler. A party held as your childhood friend celebrates the history of his family the Phantomhive however, upon entering a stigma of sorts has you drawn to a book what will happen?

Character requests will be closed until further notice. A collection of one-shots with some of the sweetest and yummiest lads from the Black Butler series!

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Sebastian Michaelis knew his life as a Phantomhive butler would be the same as any other contract; he'd do as he promised, he'd get the soul and then he'd leave, forgetting about that life and moving on to find another. But he never expected you. He never expected the uncontrollable feelings and urges he got whenever he was around you. He never expected to love you — and because of this, he wants you. He wants your body, your mind and most of all, your soul. You had never thought, with your background, your upbringing, that anything like this would happen ever happen to someone like you Your college had many cliques and groups, but the two biggest cliques in the school were the Trancyhive clique and the Grim Reaper clique.

Their relationship was like the one between Gryffindor and Slytherin: mortal enemies. However, your well-roundedness and a few clubs made you close friends with both cliques, especially your fellow seniors: Sebastian Michaelis: the eloquent, raven-haired leader of the Feline Club and second-in-command to the Trancyhives, and Grell Sutcliff: the flamboyant, red-obsessed leader of the Drama Club and second-in-command to the Reapers. You enjoyed the company of both guys, but when they become increasingly clingy with you and began fighting over which one of them you "belonged to," you figured it was time to pick a hot guy and end this stupid argument for good.

However if this is your first time joining me, i am just a fangirl that must write fanfics about all the amazing anime characters. You're at your family cabin in the mountains. A secluded place. With your demon boyfriend, Sebastian Michaelis.Hey guys! Please write reviews! It really helps me improve my writing!

Inspiration always helps too. It doesn't hurt knowing that some people out there actually will take the time! Personality: strict, politically correct, proper, not easily impressed or intrigued -Olive is a rich, independent, female that loves animals, but has a weakness for caterpillars especially the cute little fuzzy ones.

She will tell anybody if she disapproves of them straight up in a politically correct way, which led to her being infamous with her clients and coworkers.

She works as the CEO of a very prestigious company that owns thousands of vineyards around the world. And why didn't I hear of this before I went home today? Now you expect me to fly all the way to Italy on some last-minute trip just so some guy can throw his money around. You have got me. Ill fly over there and ill set up a VIP tour so we can get this guy to but into the company.

His assistant just called to notify us of the sudden change only moments ago. I have just scheduled one of the company's private jets to depart in one hour, you butler has already sent four suitcases of the proper attire to the plane, and as of right now, your Porsche should already be downloading the directions to the private airport. See you on the flip side boss, good luck. Putting my determined face on, the direction popped up on the touch screen in my Porsche, and I floored the gas pedal.

There is no way I was going to ruin my weekend by being late for departure when I had 8 hours to fly on a cozy, private jet. I was wearing a tight black, silky dress that showed my body off. I smirked The hum of the engine purred through and I turned on her favorite band, My Chemical Romance, the song "this is how I disappear" drowned out all of her current stresses.

Every once in a little while he appears in my dreams wanting to know about my life. There is no man that is like him. He understands me perfectly, better yet, he is the exact opposite of my high strung nature. With a tall, slender body and spiky hair that outlines his face in the most flattering way But his eyesI had a great time writing this!! Originally posted by inblueice. Keep reading. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up.

Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Gravid Requested. I have fixed this one-shot and am very grateful for someone pointing out my mistake!!

So, thank you!! Enjoy everyone!! Originally posted by inblueice Keep reading. Sebastian Michaelis x reader black butler x reader Sebastian Michaelis sebastian michaelis smut sebastian x reader x Reader Black Butler BB anime anime x reader black butler reader insert anime reader insert pregnant reader x pregnant reader black butler sebastian black butler sebastian michaelis black butler sebastian x reader black butler sebastian michaelis x reader sebastian michaelis fluff sebastian michaelis drabble sebastian michaelis x pregnant reader black butler kuroshitsuji black butler sebastian michaelis x reader fluff sebastian fluff sebastian michaelis x reader fluff black butler fluff sebastian michaelis imagine.

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