Cemu save editor

By GocarioSep 21, 53, 60 5. Page 1 of 4. Level 6. Joined: Sep 5, Messages: Country:. Last edited by GocarioOct 24, Vladsquall Member. Level 1. Joined: Aug 19, Messages: 13 Country:. I just waiting waooo excellent.

Level 2. Great stuff Perhaps you should rename the. It's named mh4u-se. Last edited by shahanshahSep 21, I get this error. I should do to fix it. Last edited by GocarioSep 22, Joined: Sep 21, Messages: 3 Country:. Thanks for the program, I made an account to say thanks. I've mostly been lurking this site When using this program, I noticed that if I set an item box value to an Azure Dragonsphire, the value changes to something else I think it changed to a Farcaster randomly.

Last edited by 5fthaxSep 21, Last edited by GocarioSep 21, Thank you. Mangeluz Newbie. Thank you so much for this! I have a question, what do the first 4 "Unknown" and last 2 "Unknown" attributes do? Mangeluz likes this. Joined: Sep 23, Messages: 1 Country:.

Thanks for this awesome Tool, but i have some questions: Do i Need the Tools in step 1? Is this also Usable with the savefile of the allwinner h6 vs rk3328 Version of the Game? DarkRioru reach for the stars.By JpeJun 8, 91, 65 Page 1 of 4.

OP Jpe Member. Level 4. Joined: May 14, Messages: 21 Country:. I made this simple Homebrew app to edit your rupees, weapon durability and arrow quantity. It is still a WIP, I've got much to improve. Wait until the title screen, then exit it. Close the game, too ; Open the Save Editor and select save file slot. Usually it is 5 or 0. Press A to Commit Changes.

Disclaimer: Please always make a backup before editing your save file; I'm not responsible for any lost save file. This is a WIP, it contains bugs. If you want to contribute please DM me, I seriously need help. EDIT: I updated the zip file, it contains 2 nro's one for normal mode and the other for master mode. Now it mounts the save directory now you don't have to use Checkpoint to extract your save file.

Last edited by JpeJun 25, Indigo MarzsimonAnonymous and 18 others like this. Joined: Jun 7, Messages: 28 Country:.

Wow this is pretty awesome! The ability to edit saves on device is infinitely appealing and convenient! Might I suggest that you work with the developers of Edizon? The next part of what they are trying to accomplish would then to have on device editing of the aforementioned saves. Once again though, this is awesome! Keep up the excellent work! Level 6.By ArckMay 7, 41, 41 Page 1 of 3. Level 5. Joined: Mar 13, Messages: Country:. Last edited by ArckMay 22, Titanica As mature as a Seventh Grader!

Level 6. Joined: Dec 18, Messages: Country:.

cemu save editor

This is great! Soon I'll be able to use the bow of light on the Switch! Too bad my younger brother updated my damn Switch. Joined: May 21, Messages: Country:. Even if it isn't a full tutorial for now, it will be great when we could use this for real. Last edited by kbmarinhaMay 7, Level 8. Joined: Jul 28, Messages: 1, Country:.

cemu save editor

I was looking for this. I just finished great plateau on my friends pc with cemu my pc sucks and my switch waiting atmosphere. OkazakiTheOtaku no thanks, I don't want a custom title. Level Joined: Jul 20, Messages: 1, Country:. Titanica likes this.

GBAtemp Patron. Joined: Nov 20, Messages: 3, Country:.This free save editor can make a troublesome game easier to win by helping you change some quantities like amount of gold, items etc It's a most simple and powerful tool for a lot jrpg and visual novels.

Editors Become a patron Support Login. Save Editor Online This free save editor can make a troublesome game easier to win by helping you change some quantities like amount of gold, items etc Wait for the uploading process to finish.

Edit your form and click the Download button to get your edited savefile.

List of WiiU PC utilities

It has no variable names, so detect your variables by changing Features: variables money, items, stats Sponsored by: Ohkwari Olton, Mastertool, kittenMG! The old game engine, but some great games are still popular Features: gold, items, stats Sponsored by: Ohkwari Olton, kittenMG!

Cemu - Zelda BOTW - The BEST Game Editing Tool gets BETTER

Sponsored by: Ohkwari Olton, kittenMG! You should be grateful to them! It's really great game. Really huge amount of high quality content. Exists olds but high quality games of this engine. If you have one - welcome to use this site.

List of WiiU PC utilities

Previous version of Ace, but it's supports too. You can edit saves of qsp games, it works like Ren'Py save editing, scan for variables from the savefile and change them. Features: variables money, items, stats etc The Ren'Py save editor can scan for variables from the savefile and allow you to change them. You should be careful with editing, just find your money, gold, credits etc variable. And do not change any unknown variables please. And already was published a lot of games by this engine.

Save file should have rpgsave extension like "file3. Features: gold, parameters, items, weapons, armors, variables. It's a tool that lets you edit the contents of a save game of your choosing.This page lists WiiU homebrew related PC utilities. Thread Website. Threadtwitter.

Cemu 1.11.1 | ZELDA BOTW | Memory Editor for Cemu | Overview

Pack files to encrypted content file format. Signature check patch required. GUI version of Tik Modifier. Java tool to verify and fix targa files to use as system menu icon and banners located in the meta folder. Multi tools and GUI for other application. It can download and decrypt titles from NUS, convert file format, manage memory and cheat codes, etc. Multi-consoles files extractor, specialized in music file dumping. It can be used to replace DiscU to extract full Wud disc image.

Soneekmariosonicds. Thread Thread Guide. Requires a Gecko Handler on the WiiU. It can also patch or forge Title's ticket. Used to download game updates, titles, etc.

Onion Knight. Also fixes the ticket if needed. ThreadWebsite. A windows multi-tools to help you manage your sdcard for loadiine: Games, updates from NUS, savegames, etc. A GBATemp thread with multiple savegame editors.

Look on the thread for the complete list. Gadorach and other users. SimpliiU is an application that prepares your SD Card with all the Homebrew necessary for you to get started. WiiBATu is a batch script to install the required things to build rednand as well as compile it with just a few clicks.

Use to patch fw. Part of WiiUQt tools. Collections of tools based on the WiiQt for the Wii.By TarnadasMay 13, 6, 1 2. OP Tarnadas Advanced Member. Level 1. Joined: Dec 21, Messages: 74 Country:. This is necessary because Cemu doesn't include any online functionalities and may never have them, so manipulating your own save to share courses is the only way.

Over the past few weeks I made a lot of reverse engineering of the SMM save folder structure, which resulted in an npm module and I also wanted to make a GUI for it, so here it is. Downloaded courses will automatically be extracted and placed inside your SMM save.

It will also try to fix thumbnails! Cemu is currently unable to produce thumbnails of your courses, so most people are uploading their courses with broken thumbnails. The tool will try to fix them depending on the uploaded thumbnail and the YouTube video ID, so you will never miss a course or try to guess which course you want to play.

Make sure that your Cemu is closed before loading your save inside the tool and also close the tool before starting SMM on Cemu. There is also still a lot to do. If you find any bugs, you can report them in this thread or on Github. To make sure your save file won't break, you should make a backup before using the tool. Regards, Tarnadas. Joined: Dec 20, Messages: 17 Country:. This shows how tech evolutionates ,now it haves the coolest online funtions uwubut this still worth it if you dont own a wiiu.

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cemu save editor

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