Fitbit charge 3 clock faces

Cyric - agreed. The gray scale is hideously hard to see. I'm wondering what genius decided to design the main clock face with bright white hour, and dim gray minutes. Not only distracting, but very difficult to read. Need a fix - please. Thanks Edson. So far in my evaluation of the Charge 3, the only issues I have are with the screen brightness Heart rate is accurate, tracked my sleep stages in detail last night, used it for a 4 mile walk today. I do have the same issue with the Brightness lack thereof and the font size.

Do you know if they are going to fix the brightness issue on the Charge 3. I bought mine in November and I just can't deal with not being able to even see the time when I need to. I have also had issues with it not syncing and freezing up and needing re-set. Very disappointed in the Charge 3 so far.

I had a Charge 2 that I loved and only replaced it because I cracked the screen right down the middle. I am looking at alternative trackers unless they can update this one, I'll be returning it.

Thanks for sharing your concerns about the Charge 3. I appreciate all the details you provided. I'm sorry to hear that you have had syncing issues, thanks for the troubleshooting you have done. Note that this might happen due to your mobile device's compatibility, please take a look at the following article to see if its compatible: Which phones and tablets can I use with my Fitbit watch or tracker?

How to Change Fitbit Charge 3 Clock Face

In regards the brightness of the screen, note that there is a process to be followed so a Feature Suggestion can be released, I hope this one's get many votes so it can be released sooner. Do note hesitate to contact me if you need anything else! Accepte le rotate pdf by degrees online comme Solution!

I have it on the brightest setting. I never had this problem with the Charge 2. Also, I changed the clock face to the Charge 2 Retro and the Retro Double Stat which were a bit easier to see but then somehow, after a few hours, the clock face changed over to calories burned and it was no longer showing steps on the front screen. This Charge 3 is so frustrating! I have my Charge 3 set for the brightest setting and you still can't see it.

I wear the watch mainly for the steps and for most of the clock face options, the steps is "grey" like mentioned previously and it is impossible to see outside. This is even more frustrating because then I have to mess around with the app to change it back.

But then it again spontaneously changes the clock face to something else and removes the step counter from the face. Mine does the same thing. Pixel issue?Thanks a lot for drawing our attention to this PRT Mmmmm, I cheered too early. The display is still changing when you move your arm too much. I hoped for a static display. Charge 3 is brand new and clock face will not install.

Trying to use stats heavy. Can't try another on either. Saying install the first one first. Thanks PRTthanks for linking this on the forums and glad to finally see two more clock faces.

fitbit charge 3 clock faces

Personally I wish fitbit just allowed us to make user customized ones, I mostly like the retro double stat but tap to change stats is too annoying.

Okay, but when is Fitbit going to allow us to customize our stats and apps? When will this issue which has over a thousand complaints be resolved? I changed to the new Retro Double Stat which shows the time, date, steps, and heart rate on my phone as the clock.

However, on the Charge 3, it starts with time, date, floors and minutes. I have to tap it to get the clock on the phone - which shows what I really want time, steps, and HR. Is this correct - to have the floors and minutes on the initial face? Why would I want this? I must be missing something. Getting an error when I try to change clock face. Now there is no clock face. Any help appreciated. Retro Double Stat! The best. Edit: After the latest firmware update the clock display appears centered on the Retro Double Stat clock face.

On the Stats Heavy clock face, it displays 2 numbers for miles separated by a comma. What do those numbers mean? Hi - in the below image, the second clock face, it has a comma between the 1 and the 3, not a period. Just wondering what that means. It would seem to me that if it was meant to mean 1. I love the retro double stat face that is pictured here, but when I select it. It gives me flights of stairs and active minutes when I want steps and heart rate.Go to the Best Answer.

I use Mod Clock Date, it gives me what you're requesting for. If you change the clock face, sync your tracker to see the change. This is a space where Community users can post features, ideas, and suggestions that they'd like to see in future Fitbit products, accessories, and software and top-voted suggestions get relayed to our product team for review. Please cast a vote for these ideas and leave a comment to show support for them.

Was my post helpful? Give it a thumbs up to show your appreciation! Of course, if this was the answer you were looking for, don't forget to make it the Best Answer! View best answer in original post. What is that exactly? I have an Iphone. These clock face modifications are available in the Iphone app? I like many people are looking at having the Charge 2 HR clock face items day, date, hr, steps available on the Charge 3.

Is this doable on the Charge3? The Charge 2 Retro clock face is available for Charge 3. To change your clock face on your Fitbit app for iPhonesee: How do I change the clock face on my Fitbit device? Please let me know if you have any further questions about Charge 3 clock faces, I'll be around.

Thanks for your fast reply. The retro 2 clock face you showed available for the Charge 3 does not include heart rate, is that correct? The Charge 2 Retro clock face available on Charge 3 does include the heart rate. I'm posting an image another image below:. The main screen will show your steps, but if you tap the screen it will change the stats.

It will show, steps, heart rate, calories, floors, and so one. Every time you tap it, the screen will show a different stat.

Hope this answers and clarifies your question, let me know if you have any questions present. Maria - when can we expect additional clock faces? I am hoping for an analogue clock face with numerals not just lines. Also would like to see other clean options with just time and date without any other Fitbit data. So, just purchased the Charge 3, went through all available clock faces and the Charge 2 HR retro 2 face is the exact copy of the Charge 2 HR face I've been looking for: date, time, steps, hr all on the same clock face.

At this time we don't have any information on when new clock faces could be implemented. However, as mentioned above, there is a Feature Suggestion where you can vote and comment to show your support for it. I'm very glad to hear the Charge 3 is what you've been looking for. I hope you keep enjoying it. Don't forget the original charge 2 also shows the number of steps in the current hour, critical for Reminders to Move. I get half my daily steps from RTM, and it seems like it's not available on the charge 3.Getting started with the Fitbit Charge 3 may be straightforward, but there are plenty of features that lie within the company's latest fitness tracker that are waiting to be discovered.

And while it may not be as feature-packed as Fitbit's two smartwatches, the Ionic and Versathe third-generation fitness band still has plenty of new features to take advantage of.

After two years out in the cold, the Charge has been upgraded with waterproofing, contactless payment support and an improved battery life. But how do you get the most out of the Fitbit Charge 3? Well, luckily for you, we've rounded up some top tips to help you out. Read on below for everything you need to know. Fitbit guide : Fitbit smartwatches and trackers compared. On the Charge 3, you have fewer options than the mountain of Clock Faces developed by both Fitbit and third-party developers on the Ionic and Versa, but that doesn't mean there isn't still a healthy selection of monochrome options to choose from.

If you want to mix things up from digital to analogue, want to emphasise a different tracked metric or simply fancy changing your look, Fitbit currently offers seven faces on the Charge 3. We expect more to drop as the tracker grows older, but, for now, you can change things by heading to the Fitbit app.

From there, click the device icon in the top left, tap through on Clock Faces and toggle between the My Clock and All Clocks tabs and decide how you want to customise the screen.

Whether you like having your wrist gadget act as a second screen to your smartphone, or you want to turn off all notifications, we've got you covered. Head to the Fitbit app, tap through the Notifications tab and begin toggling exactly what you want buzzed through to your Charge 3. As shown above, this can be done to give the green or red flag to all your calls, texts and calendar pings, and you can select from your list of apps, too.

This is really more of a general Fitbit tip, as opposed to a Charge 3 one, but it's essential for receiving the best accuracy. Now, there's plenty more to focus on with this tracker, but steps will no doubt be at the core of most people's daily tracking picture. However, Fitbit estimates what each step looks like based on your height and gender, meaning those with naturally big or small strides may be seeing inaccurate information.

To edit this, tap the card in the top right of the Fitbit app, scroll down to Advanced Settings and tap through on Stride Length. As we say, this is automatically set by Fitbit, but you can manually enter the centimetre equivalent of your walking and running strides. Wondering how to work it out?

It's simple — just head down to a running track or somewhere that you know the exact distance of, count your steps as you complete that distance and then divide the total distance taken by the number of steps to get your stride length. You're also going to need to tell Fitbit which wrist your device is sitting on, in order to improve accuracy. To do this, head to the Charge 3 icon, select Wrist and then whichever wrist your device is strapped to. If you're anything like us, you'll find great satisfaction in replacing your alarm clock with a much friendlier buzz on the wrist from the Charge 3.

Sure, you can always use your phone, but that almost always leads to you spending 45 minutes every morning catching up on Twitter, Instagram or, heaven forbid, work emails, before you even make it out of bed.

If you're setting up a new alarm, you'll want to head to the Charge 3 settings section, hit Silent Alarms and then choose your time and which days you want it to sound on. The Charge 3 already boasts week-long battery life out of the box, but, as always, there are ways to extend this even further with a few neat tricks. The first thing to consider tweaking is how often you sync your device.

This can be turned off through the Charge 3 section of the Fitbit app, though it does mean you'll have to manually sync the device in order to see your progress up in the app. Notifications, too, can also be reduced in order to save some life.Can you please update the Fitbit app to allow the user to create their own clock face design.

If we had the ability to create our own clock face using whatever fields and font size we want you would finally be able to satisfy everybody's clock face requests. They don't even need to make it easy; let us tweak some painful ugly code if need be - we'll do it to get the watch faces with the information we wanted to see. Let me know if you need anything else.

fitbit charge 3 clock faces

If you like something I recommended, I encourage you to mark that reply as "Best Answer". Indeed I've seen that; I'd like to specifically advocate for allowing us to make our own even if it's not quite as well supported as Versa and Ionic. I'm quite content to tinker with a limited toolset.

Now if you want to share more ideas with us, feel free to visit our feature suggestions board and do it. Catch you later. What would be best is if you made USER customizable watch faces where the user could at very minimum choose which stats appear.

For example, I love the layout of the charge 3 "retro double stat" face, but I can't choose which stats are shown together so I still end up cycling through the options to see 2 stats. I would really like a clock face that shows the time, date, heart rate, and calories burned all on the same face.

I know that it would be awesome to have a feature like this for the Charge 3. Keep the stepping up! I appreciate the Charge 3 isn't exactly a smart watch in the sense that the more expensive models are and so isn't running a FitbitOS, but it would be nice to at least make the watch face configurable even if we can't design them from scratch like you can for the other models with Fitbit Studio. I think being able to choose or make your own faces would be perfect.

I like a lot of details and I would like the time with seconds, date with month, day of the week, and my steps or heart rate. It would make my life so much easier. I agree this is ridiculous I used the same clock face on the Charge 2 for years with no 0, now on the Charge 3 using the same clock face "retro double stack" they have added the zero, whoever made that decision should be fired!

Due to recent events affecting our operations, support options are limited and wait times are longer than usual. Visit our help site for answers to many common questions and other self-service options. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Did you mean:. Ability to create our own clock faces on Charge 3. Report this post Message 1 of Moderator edit: subject for clarity. Best Answer.

All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic.Where can I see the clock faces? I took my charge 3 back because no date on clock and no one could tell me when they would update. Now am trying to decide between charge 3 and Versa. I would get versa but read the band is hard to change and that is the first thing I do is put the magnetic color band on.

Sorry to hear you go. Was my post helpful? Give it a thumbs up to show your appreciation! Of course, if this was the answer you were looking for, don't forget to make it the Best Answer! Is there a reason this is not also available?

The charge 2 had a face that at least contained all these values at once. R ight now there are 7 clock faces. Our team is listening and working on more for future updates. I was making some research and was able to find these ideas asking for the same:.

Fitbit Charge 3 tips and features: How to use your new tracker

Please cast a vote for these ideas and leave a comment to show support for them. This is a space where Community users can post features, ideas, and suggestions that they'd like to see in future Fitbit products, accessories, and software and top-voted suggestions get relayed to our product team for review. The new clock face is still pretty garbage. I posted asking you guys to put the charge 2 faces on the charge 3.

They are almost the exact same size display! Why is it so hard to get that on the charge 3??? I 'd like to give thanks for the feedback you've provided towards our product. Rest assured that our engineers and product development team use this information to further improve our products. Please refer to my post above for the existing feature suggestions. Make sure to vote and leave your comments on them. You can learn more about how Fitbit decides what suggestions get released in our FAQs.

In short, the buyers are doing your quality assurance testing in the field. This product was clearly rushed out the door to beat the release of some other company's product. I loved the watch face in Charge2 where top row was time digital and under it was date.Is the charge 3 easy to use or should I stick with charge 2? Will the 3 keep a constant heart rate? Oh wow, those are so disappointing!

fitbit charge 3 clock faces

Thanks for your interest in Charge 3. Also, thanks for taking the time to post your inquiries about this tracker. Yes, those are the current clock faces that are available for Charge 3. That way you can support the idea. I think this is not an impossible request. Regarding the heart rate, Charge 3 should provide you with a constant heart rate reading; just as your Charge 2 does. It is easy to use; please feel free to read the Charge 3 User Manual for more details. Hope this helps. Keep me posted!

Like my response? Vote for it! Also, accept as solution! I have attached the 5 crappy clock face options fitbit is putting with the Charge 3. In the second photo you can see 6 ideas I came up with for fitbit to consider. I hope they are listening to all the feedback!

And none have any sort of date option? A bit of a disappointment. I like your 1 and 2 designs Heck, Honestly I'd be happy if they just brought back the Charge 2 faces.

fitbit charge 3 clock faces

That would bring the total to over views and maybe we can get a software update date to get this fixed. Thebor fixed it in seconds with his recommendations below I've been waiting for the charge 3 and finally the five faces are out.

Wow, what a disappointment. I need a clock, day of the week and date on the same screen like the charge 2. It's not there in spite of what fitbit customer service representatives promised for the 3.

The fitbit concept is terrific especially for retirees, especially those who neglect exercise but our group decided "NO". Thank you appreciate that! Yes would love to purchase a Charge 3, but the Home Screen needs a lot more work! Hope they can make some improvements soon! I like those clock face suggestions much better than the current ones. They would be very useful.

I agree, these are awful. I'd really like a choice that doesn't have my heartrate displayed all the time. Due to recent events affecting our operations, support options are limited and wait times are longer than usual. Visit our help site for answers to many common questions and other self-service options.


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