Luna 48v battery

Ebike builders who want to add a kit to their bicycle really seem the love the hardcases. These last few years, any major North American retailer of ebike battery packs had cell battery packs that were covered in a heavy shrink-wrap, and most customers put these in a heavy-cloth bag that attaches into the central frame triangle of their bike.

This last year, cells with a higher energy density have become readily availableand that fact has breathed new life into hard-case dolphin pack sales, making them a viable option to a much wider customer base.

Some frames have enough room in them to add another row of cells to the pack for the absolute maximum capacity, you can see here why I like the triangle-shaped packs so much. The trend for off-road bicycles is to have a smaller frame triangle on the hardtails, and most of the full-suspension designs put the rear shock absorber right in the middle of what little space was there.

This means you will rarely see a hard-case dolphin pack on an off-roader, however…for the street, hard cases have proven to be VERY popular. One of the most popular street commuter frames is the Electra Townie. My personal street commuter is an Electra Lux fat cruiser. Both are great candidates for a street commuter whether you want a rear hubmotor, or any one of the popular mid drives.

Why is he smiling?

luna 48v battery

The quantity of cells inside is dependant on several factors. If the pack configuration was using five cells per paralleled group 5Pthen…to go from 13S to 14S 48V to 52Vthe manufacturer would have to cram-in five more cells. So…in order to take full advantage of the performance of these cells, the BMS is rated for 30A continuous, and 50A temporary peaks.

Remember, volts and amps both add power, but…amps also add heat. More amp-heat means a larger BMS. It is 5-inches tall mm. It easily fits in an Electra Townie frame, but if you have anything other bike than one of those, draw out a template with the dimensions shown below to make sure it will fit, before ordering one of these.

However, in a pack this physically large, with a 5P configuration compared to the average 4P or 3P packit actually also has pretty fantastic current capability. These sloped portions help it fit into more frames that have the common triangle-shape in the center of the frame. Is the dorsal fin on the right from a dolphin or a shark?

Look at the face when it pops out of the water. If you have a direct-drive hub DDand you live where there are long and steep hillsyou can get this battery and the motor hot from constant high-amp draws. If you have a mid drivethey typically provide very good hill-climbing performance, while staying relatively cool, and also providing decent range-per- Watt Hour WH of battery capacity as long as you shift your bike into the proper gearso…the Killer Whale if it will fit your bike will provide longer range between charges.

One of the key features of this pack [using this cell, and in this configuration]… is that you can now get a Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address. August 12, The Killer Whale hard case.

2018 RadPower Battery Alternative

The common Dolphin case. Riding my X-1 ebike is the only thing keeping Apr 04, 18 Comments. How to Connect with Life in Like most of you, I have been glued to Mar 25, How to sell a used ebike an In the last 6 years I have bought and Feb 14, Product Details.

luna 48v battery

The Bafang mid-drive BBSHD W motor mounts in place of your bike's bottom bracket and replaces your bike's crankset and front derailleur if you have one. The Bafang BBSHD kit comes with all necessary parts to convert just about any bike to an electric bike including the battery! The BBSHD watt motor kit is a high-performing, lightweight, quiet, fast, hill-climbing, well-engineered electric bike kit. Superior to hub motors, the mid drive motor kit feels just like a normal bike when pedaling since it can completely freewheel.

The motor includes pedal assist sensors PASso you can choose the power level of motor assistance that you would like while pedaling.

Know your low voltage cut off limit

Also, you can always use the throttle in order to engage the motor if you want to take a break from pedaling! Please note, the throttle is limited to the Pedal Assist Level you are in. Technically speaking it is only for off-road and private property use.

Our W BBS02 motors meet the power needs and wants of the majority of riders. It is your responsibility as the rider to follow applicable local and federal traffic and ebike laws. Consider yourselves forewarned. Which Battery?

The battery that you choose to pair with your kit depends on what kind of range and power you are looking for as well as the dimensions that you have to work with on your bike. Please consult the different battery product pages for detailed information regarding the batteries:.

Please visit our FAQ Page for information on how to measure your bike's bottom bracket. We highly recommend purchasing the set of 15 Spacers with your kit to help with proper fitment and installation on your specific bottom bracket. Watch our step-by-step Installation Video here.

The Bafang motor conversion kit installation is a DIY project that requires no specialty expertise — simply install the parts, plug in the connectors and zip-tie the cables! If you are not interested in performing the install yourself, simply stop by your local bike shop, and they should easily be able to install the BBS02 kit for you.

All the tools that you will need for the install are typically found in most bike tool kits. The only tools that you will need for the install are: 1.

A 15mm wrench or pedal wrench to remove your bike's pedals. The appropriate bottom bracket tool to remove your specific bike's bottom bracket. A chain tool to remove your bike's chain. A standard spanner wrench to tighten the lockrings. Allen wrench es and a Phillip's head screwdriver to tighten the crank arms, sprocket, display, throttle and brake levers.

No specialty tools are necessary! Please note that this kit does not include any tools. Customer Care Note: We always recommend storing ebikes indoors or under cover as electronic components are susceptible to water damage. All of the kit parts are water resistant, but components such as the display are not waterproof. Shipping Time. Products typically ship within business days after the order is placed. We don't want you to have to wait long to start enjoying your new ebike lifestyle!

Delivery times will vary based upon where you live. Check out our handy map for delivery time estimates after being shipped shown in business days :. All orders ship from California, USA with insurance, tracking, and signature confirmation.

Once your order ships, you will be emailed a FedEx tracking number, so you can track the delivery shipment of your order.Take a look at what makes the smartest choice for purchasing the best electric bike battery and learn about the technologies, specs and standards for the top-rated e-bike batteries in How To Know Which E-Bike Battery Is Right For You later in the article. The battery cell portion is lockable and removable for security.

It is absolutely necessary to waterproof this battery if it is being used in rainy conditions. Aside from that, under regular conditions, this lithium battery performs well. It has an impressive range of around 50 miles when combined with a bit of pedaling and the acceleration is also impressive. The battery clicks into place on the rack and is locked in with a key, and is easy to remove and take indoors with you to prevent theft and in case rain is expected.

This is a popular format for Ebike batteries but sacrifices some storage space usually available on the rear rack. In general, the most powerful lithium batteries designed for electric bike conversion kits are being delivered in this format because of the ample size to accomodate the larger cell. It is compatible with, and watt conversion kits, depending on the version you choose, placing it between the AW and the Joyisi in terms of power.

With 11 amp hours, It can easily exceed 20 miles in a single charge, even when used consistently.

Luna Cycle introduces extra-large hard case battery, the “Killer Whale”

You can attach the Flying Horse ModWheel either to a pannier rack on the back of the bike or on the down tube. Mounting is secure, sliding onto a rear rack and clicking into place. Then, you can lock it using a simple key, to stop any forward-thinking thieves from sliding it off the back. The most expensive product on this list, the Flying Horse ModWheel has top specs, such as high-quality Panasonic cells and excellent build quality. Joyisi 48V at a Glance Lithium ion 48V 15AH charging cycles The Joyisi 48 volt is a fantastic battery, jam packed with impressive power and capacity.

With 15 amp hours to draw on from one charge, the Joyisi 48 volt battery has the longest range of the items on this list, somewhere between 30 to 40 miles, depending on weight, speed, terrain etc. The 48 volts work with watt conversion kits, meaning it is also the most powerful product we selected.

This is obvious when you need it most, giving you a strong boost up hills. It is attached to the rear of the bike via an included rack. Like the Flying Horse, you can lock your battery into place using one of the two keys provided for security and safety. There is a useful handle attached to the back which you can flick open when sliding the battery out of the holder.

luna 48v battery

This is probably the best performance battery included here, yet cheaper than the 48 volt Flying Horse version — an awesome choice to enhance your bike.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Members Registered members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register.

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Thread starter Atlradcruiser Start date May 16, Atlradcruiser New Member. Got Radcity and wondering about battery alternatives. Rakku Active Member. The new battery, as far as I know, will not be generic one and only usable with the new Rad Power Bikes.

I have a 16 Radrover with a spare battery. I use both batteries instead of storing one long-term. I ride for around 2-weeks at a time and switch to the other battery. Whatever level the battery is at from my last ride is where I keep it before re-charging 2 weeks later. The reason for the spare battery was I had a battery fail during the warranty period it powered the bike fine; but, wouldn't charge at all.

Rad Power Bikes sent me a replacement under warranty.Login or Sign Up. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. Since I am about to build my first e-bike, I have to make a critical decision; The Battery. Going wrong here is an expensive mistake. How well will the controller and motor handle the higher voltage from a 14s battery? I have heard that it might be ok, but can run the risk of overheating the motor and therefor not advisable. I would rather stay safe than sorry on this matter.

Tags: None. Alan B. I have over miles on it so far, over a wide variety of terrain from pavement with hills to steep fire roads and single track.

52V on a Luna Cycle X-1 Ludicrous Bafang M600 eBike

I don't push it quite as hard as some folks might, but so far it has not heated up very much high speed and hills on pavement heated it the most.

Heating the motor has more to do with lugging the motor on big hills than probably anything else. Keep it in a low gear so less torque is required.

Making torque is what makes motor heat. The other issue is the display compatibility with 48V vs 52V. The Bafang displays are set up for 48V so on 52V you don't get a good battery readout. So you would need to go to a Cycle Analyst or Batt-man. So 48V allows a simpler system, but these other displays do a better job of keeping track of your battery status, so you might want them anyway.

Ride Safe. Comment Post Cancel. Hi FlyByFun! I love it and I have had zero issues with hot motor or battery pack. If you can afford the extra money, go for the 52v for sure Alan is right about the display, not having a gauge is a bummer but a batt-man can solve that.

I am saving up for one. Have fun on your build. I commute 13 miles each way weather permitting and I have mostly hills to climb both ways over a foothill pass.

I use a combination of PAS and full throttle to get my commute done fast. Without the ebike I was clearing these hills at mph. Like posted by others the Bafang gauge does not work for 52V so I did a Turnigy remote shunt and mounted the display on the handlebars.

Under full throttle I see a lot of voltage sag, let off throttle and battery comes up a couple volts. With all this dynamic stuff going on while you ride a bar gauge is pretty useless. The extra volts make a difference I've heard but I don't have direct experience. If money isn't too tight get a real battery gauge like Alpinist suggests or go the Turnigy route like so many others they are reasonably accurate, I buy mine from Mountain Wind Trading Company, they are quality checked, I've ordered from another company before and it was way off compared to my Fluke.

I have 2, one on bike one on charger, useful diagnostic tool, but maybe not something everyone wants to get into. My battery warms up a little also, I have other post here about T of pack in localized areas, I think it is all normal from what I understand.Most garage-builders who decide to assemble their own battery pack usually have a lot of experience.

However, pack-building continues to be a frequent source of questions from new ebikers, so I decided to put together an article to cover the basics. Once you have a firm grasp of this, you can easily scale your pack up to different shapes and sizes]. If you take several cells and connect their same-type electrodes in parallelthey all will act as though they are one large cell.

Also, when you first connect them to each other, they MUST be at the same level of charge [The positive electrode is the Cathode, and the negative electrode is the Anode. In the pics below, the positive is a red plus sign, the negative is a black dash].

A rapid equalization will absolutely cause both of them to get VERY hot. Permanent damage is the least that will happen, and most likely one of them or both will go up in flames.

However, if there is only a tenth of a volt in difference between them, that would not be a problem for instance, from 4. There is a full-length electrically-connecting metal strip bus on the top and the bottom of these four cells.

The four cells in parallel can be configured in any shape, but having them in a straight line is the easiest introduction to understanding it. The P-count determines the capacity of the pack in Amp-hours Ahand it also determines the amount of current the pack will be able to produce, measured in amps. For this example, we will use my favorite ebike cell, the Samsung 30Q. It is factory-rated as having mAh milli-Amp-hourswhich is the same as 3-Amp-hours 3-Ah.

Now we come to the amount of power that the pack can safely put out.

luna 48v battery

The 30Q is a hot-rod cell along with the HG2 and the 25Rand it is factory rated at Amps continuous. However, almost all cell models get hot if you actually run them continuously at their listed rating.

I recommend that nobody should ever let their pack get hotter than F 60C under any conditions. Doing that will lead to a very short pack life. Fortunately, ebikes usually only draw their peak amps for a few seconds while accelerating. Once you reach a cruise phase, the continuous amps that the controller and motor will draw is MUCH lower when you are simply maintaining your speed.

If we use the 15A figure as our designed max amps, the pack will just get a little warm, and that means it will last a very long time. Hooking them up in series means that you connect the positive end of one cell or P-group to the negative end of the other.The Luna Charger was made to our specifications from the largest most reputable ebike charger manufacturer in China. Because we ordered in large volume we got a very good price and pass that price onto you.

We mean the charger to be a statement of what we want to do which is offer one of a kind products at an affordable price. We made this charger with a surprisingly small form factor considering it is a serious watt charger. We also had our case anodized sea-blue and had an LED display built onto the face of it. When you plug in the Charger the LED displays the maximum voltage it charges to After you plug in your battery, it tells you what voltage your battery is at, and you can monitor your voltage while charging.

This also greatly increases durability as a good fan is critical to reliable charger operation. The Luna Charger is specially designed to maximize battery pack life by having two very important features:.

Most importantly the Luna Charger accomplishes both these functions while being very easy to use. Both of these two functions are changeable with a twist of a knob, so you don't need to fidget with any digital interfaces to change your charge. No instruction manual needed here. This is a very simple charger to use. Charge Slow or Fast We know that charging slow will extend your battery's life, but we also know everyone likes or needs a fast charge now and then.

Car manufacturers such as Tesla who also ride with giant Panasonic battery packs have proven that if you do not charge your pack to percent every time you ride, you will greatly extend the life of your pack.

The Luna Charger adds life to your pack without taking a wad of money from your pocket. The charger that came with my Rad Rover leaves the user with no information or control over the batteries charge. The red LED gives me a view into the process. It continues to function without complaint.

This charger has failed on me twice. Prior to the failures it seemed to work fine. The first time around I only used it 2 or 3 times. Luna replaced it with no questions but the replacement only lasted 3 months. I mistook the second failure as a battery issue. It took me a month to get around to inspecting the battery only to realize the issue was the charger again.

I have a few charges using my china charger so time will tell if this problem surfaces again. The Luna charger brought my 48volt batteries back to full charge. My batteries were 8 months old and their performance was sagging, using the charger that came with the bike. The Luna charger has them back to like new performance. Very satisfied. Gives me options. I like options. Charges at different rates according to my time needs.


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