Mips converter

I am assuming this a class assignment, or some sort of training exercise, since, as rproffitt said, for any sort of work project the logical solution would be to compile the C code. Even if this weren't the case, we'd need to know which development target and toolchain you are using, and what restrictions on the solution exist if any, as the obvious answer would involve using pseudo-instructionswhich not all assemblers support, and not all professors permit.

It might be useful if you can tell us if you need to manually hoist load and branch slots, as well though since you said MIPS64, and I am pretty sure delay slots don't apply to any bit versions of MIPS, it probably doesn't matter. We can give you advice on how to write it, however. I would recommend starting by looking at the documentation on the instructions lwbeqjand swas well as the pseudo-instructions bltand li.

Once you have that, if you still have problems, try posting the code here with the necessary information about the tools you are using and we'll see what we can tell you. As a new member, you will be forgiven - mostly - for these mistakes, but you really don't want to make one of the regulars remind of these again.

This last two are generally considered to also cover the practice of posting a series of fragmentary posts in the manner of a chat room or Twitter feed. As my own post demonstrates, you are not limited to or even bytes of plain text, and posting sentences separately which could be part of a single post is irritating and inappropriate. Note also that you can edit posts up to 30 minutes after they have been submitted, so typos can be corrected after the fact as well up to a point; we will forgive it if you simply didn't notice it until after that 30 minute window.

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I will tell you this much, however: we would need more information to answer this question. Specifically, you need to tell us - in another threadas I already stated - what MIPS system or MIPS emulator you are using, as the equivalent to printf will differ for different hardware and operating systems.

I am guessing that you are running this in one of the more common emulators such as SPIM or MARS, but that's just a guess and we would need to know for certain before answering.

Encoding & Decoding MIPS Assembly Language Programming

The last time I did this was for work we used a C complier. Do not hijack old forum threads by posting a new question as a reply to an old one Do not post the same question multiple times Do provide evidence of having done some work yourself if posting questions from school or work assignments Do post in full-sentence English Do not write in all uppercase or use "leet", "txt" or "chatroom" speak This last two are generally considered to also cover the practice of posting a series of fragmentary posts in the manner of a chat room or Twitter feed.

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mips converter

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The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Note that you need to use stack to store any other registers if you use them in this procedure. Currently you're generating code for x - you need to select a MIPS compiler from the popup menu above the assembly pane :. Note that the compiler has optimised away some of the redundant operations in the original C code.

If you want to see an unoptimised version then specify -O0 in the compiler options and you'll see something much less efficient, but closer to the original source:.

Learn more. Asked 3 years ago. Active 3 years ago. Viewed 5k times. Paul R k 26 26 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Shubham R Shubham R 4, 10 10 gold badges 29 29 silver badges 71 71 bronze badges. Please define better solution. Raptor : i have no idea about the solution sir, i tried online compiling link, but i guess its incorrect. S Ringne: This all rather depends on the specific operating environment from which you intend to call the compiled function, in particular whether it is 32 or bit MIPS and the calling convention used.

Compilation of a single function in isolation is a rather peculair thing to do so I think you could shed much of light on the question by describing more specifically what you need to code for and how it is to be integrated into the system.

Active Oldest Votes. Paul R Paul R k 26 26 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. SRingne: sure - obviously you'll need to take care of the calling convention and other minor details in the assignment - using godbolt to generate the guts of the function is just a useful helping hand The Overflow Blog.

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mips converter

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How to Convert Binary to MIPS

They are not preserved as part of shared URLs, and are persisted locally using browser local storage. Use last selected language when opening new Editors. Show community events. Desired Font Family in editors. Enable font ligatures. Automatically insert matching brackets and parentheses. Highlight linked code lines on hover.Binary data is a series of ones and zeros. Computers read and write in binary. Each 1 or 0 is a called a bit.

Eight bits equals 1 byte. Each byte of a computer's memory is assigned a unique address. This unique value can also be called a "pointer" to that area of memory. MIPS Assembly is a programming language that translates the instructions in the Assembly program to binary so that the computer can read and execute the commands. Determine what action your MIPS program will execute. Get the binary for the encoding of the "add.

Therefore, the binary for the five "s" bits would be for register 9, represented in binary as " Using this information, if you are giving the binary string " ", you can translate it back to MIPS using this same method. Based on the binary encoding of the add method in MIPS, you know the first six values are zero and the last 11 are " Begin with the seventh digit and count five bits.

That value is the "source" registry, "10 Binary data is a string of ones and zeros often referred to as "machine language. Step 2 Get the binary for the encoding of the "add. Step 3 Using this information, if you are giving the binary string " ", you can translate it back to MIPS using this same method. Step 4 Begin with the seventh digit and count five bits.

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C to MIPS compiler

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mips converter

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Welcome to WebMIPSASM v2.1...

The type 30s tell me the CPU seconds consumed by a job step in one period, the s the CPU seconds consumed by a single transaction etc. Let's take MSUs to start. I find the client's mainframe processor model, and look it up here. Let's say our client has a a z13 with 25 full powered processors. The LSPR for this model looks like:. So, here's what I do. I calculate an 'MSU factor' as follows:. Let's look a bit closer at what I'm doing. The total MSUs for the box is So, to convert a quantity to a rate, we need to divide it by a unit of time.

I'm only interested in MSUs in one hour, so the CPU seconds need to be divided by the number of seconds in an hour: Or in other words, the MSU factor needs to be divided by Let's double check this. This is often outsourced clients. But the method is similar. This is the same as my MSU factor, but divided by an extra four, as we're looking at an average over four hours.

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