Oman medical license exam requirements

The OMSB is tasked with formulating proper standards and criteria for practicing and developing the health professions. Oman Medical Specialty Board. Verification of ONE educational qualification 2. ONE professional license 3. Last FIVE years of experience limited to three employers per case, additional experience certificates will be charged the additional document charges. Currently, OMSB delivers 31 licensing examinations for physicians, technologists and technicians. This service help candidates to save time, cost and facilitates scheduling their exams.

Note: All blanks that have asterisk must be filled up. Kindly read that carefully for details regarding identifications that you need to bring in your test date. What is the cost of the exam? How long is the exam? Who can request this service : Omani nurses and non-Omanis from inside or outside the Sultanate and Health institutions in the private sector. If I have any more questions, who will I contact? Contact information is as follows: Prometric Test Center:. How many times am I allowed to take the test?

You can take the exam up to three times in one calendar year. What is the identification that I must bring on my testdate? Examinees must bring a valid passport and must be issued by government, has signature, a personal image and be valid. In case that the passport has no signature, bring a secondary form of ID that presents the signature.

Note: When you go to the testing center, you should take with you the same form of identification that you used to register with, your Passport.

At check in, this will be verified and if the ID does not match, you may be refused testing. OMSB will not accept candidates who have not completed this information and failure to do so may result in your result being withheld.It therefore requires special preparation and effort to crack this exam.

oman medical license exam requirements

At PrometricMCQ,com we help you do just that. The practice sets of MCQs and the self evaluation tools make you exam ready and confident. Our modules cover all the major specialties focusing on specific requirements of each. The self evaluation tool helps you analyze your performance in the practice MCQs focusing on the question content, answers you selected and the correct answers. The OMSB is the national body that certifies specialists in all branches of medicine and surgery, and family medicine.

The OMSB surveys and evaluates all residency programs in Oman in each of its recognized specialties and subspecialties. After completion of training in the specialty training program and passing all required examinations, the candidates shall obtain the OMSB Certification. This Certificate is professionally equivalent to PhD in medical specializations. This collaboration is related to training and evaluation including the basic and clinical aspects of the specialty, and a final oral and clinical exam.

These exams are very tough and competitive and only the best succeed. It requires a focused and single minded approach to prepare for these exams. We at PrometricMCQ. The standard of our MCQ tests are at par with the actual exam and give you a realistic assessment of your exam worthiness.

The self evaluation tool help you analyze your performance in the practice MCQs focusing on the question content, answers you selected and the correct answers.

Accessing the tests is easy. There is no waiting time…you can start right away! After logging in you can start the assessment. The questions can be taken sequentially or in any random order. The practice test displays the correct answer for every question MCQ. You can also mark a question for review and attempt it later after consulting your notes, textbooks or other reference material.

Subscribe Quick View.To set high standards for post-graduate medical education of healthcare professionals, that will continuously improve the standards and the quality of healthcare in Oman. The OMSB is tasked with formulating proper standards and criteria for practicing and developing the health professions.

The Board aims at upgrading professional performance, developing skills that enrich scientific literature, and properly apply knowledge in the various fields of health specialties.

The functions of OMSB include but are not limited to:. Score report will be given only once right after the exam and lose or misuse is the sole responsibility of the candidate.

There will be no possibility of re-issuing another score report. However, the candidate may request for a certification letter not more than a one 1 month from the day of the exam and a fee will be applied. Frequently Asked Questions. Please be advised that Prometric does not sell test preparation or practice content in any form.

Any website or training provider claiming to offer the official test content is unauthorized and not supported by Oman Medical Specialty Board or Prometric. If you come across any such website or training provider please contact our legal department so that we may take the appropriate legal actions illegalpracticetests prometric.

The functions of OMSB include but are not limited to: Set up and supervise postgraduate medical specialty programs as well as set up continuing Professional Development CPD programs in health specialties in the framework of general policy of Education.

Coordinate with other professional health boards, organizations, associations, and colleges within and outside the Sultanate.

oman medical license exam requirements

Issue professional certificates such as diplomas, fellowship and memberships. Evaluation and Equivalency of Professional certificates. Please note: Score report will be given only once right after the exam and lose or misuse is the sole responsibility of the candidate.

IT - Others. Middle East. Sub-sahara Africa.Getting a medical job in UAE is a dream of many. Thousands of people are working hard to get these jobs and live a pleasant life in UAE. UAE is a very friendly country towards the expatriates and welcomes them all from every corner of the world.

It is also one of the best countries, values its culture and traditional customs. UAE is a country of 7 Emirates States. After successfully passing the assessment examinations, you are awarded a medical work license to work anywhere in the UAE. In this section, we will explain the eligibility criteria for doctors only. Following are the requirements to apply for the assessment.

Following are the countries with competent authorities which are exempted from these examinations. Do I still need additional 2-years clinical experience for applying for a license to practice in UAE? HAAD is the main executive and regulative authority of the healthcare system in Abu Dhabi which is aimed to ensure the excellence in health care for the community by monitoring the health of the population.

The lifestyle in Abu Dhabi is also expensive so, to accommodate doctors, the salaries paid to the doctors or any other specialty are also very high in comparison to other Emirates. The main objective of the HAAD is to define a strategy for the health system, monitor and analyze the health status of the population and performance of the system.

A candidate willing to work under HAAD licensure has to appear in following 4 types of examinations. If you fail all the 3 times, you will be disqualified from further applying to same or low-quality examinations. Exam fee for HAAD varies according to the specialty and the department you are applying for. Dubai may be a favorite city to many due to its attraction and all the luxuries of life.

All the pleasures are located in Dubai so many want to work in this city. To work in Dubai you have to be assessed through Dubai Health Authority. DHA also ensures the access to health services, maintain and improve the quality of these services, improve the health status of the population and oversee dynamic, efficient and innovative health sector.

The main pillars for delivering services at DHA health facilities are quality, efficiency, patients, and staff. An important aspect of the service delivery strategy is to focus on patients, their needs and satisfaction as well as attract, retain, nurture and support outstanding staff.

Any Healthcare professional who wishes to work in the Emirate of Dubai has to apply and pass the DHA assessment examinations. Anyone healthcare professional who wishes to work in Dubai under DHA licensure has to appear in following 2 examinations:. The Computer Based Testing CBT is conducted in collaboration with an outsourced provider Prometricwhich provides testing centers in more than 76 countries in the world.

Currently, the exam is offered to the following specialties:. The medical license is valid up to 1 year with renewal within 3 months of expiring.Evaluation of the below categories is done in MOH Examination and separate exams conducted for the following professions. I am also a lecturer in amedical institute. And how much percentage is required. Thank you. COM City, Country: u. I didnt see my profession listed above. Kind regards Daniellle. Which exam,where and when plz " Dr. Sanam Medical Qualification: Mbbs,mcps gynae Email: sanam.

Thx for your reply. Want to know the procedure to follow " dr elie gharios Medical Qualification: MD Email: efgharios live. I want to give this exam please guide me in detail and about whole procedure A t Z " Rajinder Kaur Medical Qualification: Post basic bsc nurse Email: Rajsamra gmail.

Licence to Practice Medicine and Dentistry

Kindly let us know if i want to work in uae. What qualification is required to fullfill the criteria of dha. Pls do the needfull. What is the cost in rupees. And how I can gat it.

OMSB Oman Prometric Exam Preparation

Please guide me. Please avail be with details. I wish to apply for MOH exam. I want to know Shud I apply for dis exam or not. MLT with 2 years of experience I want to appear in MOH Licence exam MLT Email: tamoorabbasi62 gmail. I have done M. Im a a medical doctor 8years post medical school.

Ill like to practice in the Emirates. I have Iraqi board in community medicine. What is eligibility for specialist or consultant position in UAE. Give moh exam for derma assistant. What are the requirements. Khan Medical Qualification: Pharm. If there is a examin India which place to go an give the exam.Your Comments "I am a medical graduate from Ukraine, originally from Pakistan.

Currently working in Maldives. I want to write GP exam but as i am not working in Pakistan, from where i can get my documents attested. Waiting for your reply. Looking forward your reply.

Oman Medical Specialty Board

What procedure i have to follow to work as General practitioner in dubai and oman? S drhumaira. Currently working in USA. I want to write GP exam but as I am not working in Pakistan, from where i can get my documents attested. Thank you. Please guide me. Is there a center in Kerala, India? But in aus i am working as Phlebotomists blood collector for two yrs.

Waiting for rply Thanks. I took DOH prometric last month but unfortunately couldnoy pass. I m taking again in march and got prometric confirmation on 22nd march. I want to take MOH exam too. Thanks a lot. DCH Email: alisajjad55 yahoo.

I want to write GP exam but as i am not working in Uzbekistan, from where i can get my documents attested. Kindly guide me with the syllabus. Am I eligible for MOH exam.? Plz rply. An early reply is appreciated. Currently working in Pakistan Navy as Gynaecologist. Want to ask how to apply for MOH exam and what are requirements.

I also have a registeration from the irish medical council. Dha exemption guidelines states that doctors with irish registeration are exempted from dha exams. Is this true. Can i get an exemption for MOH with irish registeration?

Im passed B. I have 1 year working experience,and 6 month internship experience. Kindly let me know if Russia degree eligible to write moh exam. I did my internship but have no other experience.

oman medical license exam requirements

Am I eligible for MoH exam How long it will take procedure for moh uae licence credential,dataflow etc,whats its cost " Shyji Medical Qualification: Mbbs Email: shyjij06 gmail. I have completed MBBS with 1 year internship.If you are a healthcare professional targeting a job in the Gulf Cooperation Council GCC regionparticularly in Omanyou need to know several things.

First and foremost, regulators in the GCC region do not let you practice without certifying that you are competent and that your documents are real. In Omanthe regulator that oversees the equivalency certification is the Oman Medical Specialty Board.

They require that qualified foreign healthcare professionals undergo the Prometric exam and get documents verification from DataFlow. OMSB oversees and administers exams both locally and internationally. Aside from local exams, they have contracted Prometric to dispense medical exams. It also supervises the evaluation of professional licenses issued by other countries. Some people are asking if they need to get DataFlow first before taking the exam, or vice versa.

As a clarification, neither is a requirement of the other. It would be up to you if you want to take the Prometric test first or DataFlow first. There is a step by step guide on the websites of both the provider and the regulatorjust click on the links to view. As with most examinations, people get apprehensive about taking it. They want to know about the questions asked, which of course we would not be able to provide.

What is available on the OMSB website is the coverage of the exam. You can opt to do this ahead of time even before you get an employer by signing up with TrueProfile. The great thing about this is that you are not tied up to one regulator in the GCC. Once you have a chosen employer, OMSB will now evaluate your documents. Once your qualification is awarded equivalency from OMSB, you will be issued your license to work.

Thanks for reaching out. To get a definitive answer, please get in touch with the regulator. I hope I am on tract since true profile. Sign-up for our FREE newsletter and keep up-to-date on topics like document verification, blockchain technology, tips for successfully building a career abroad, and many more….

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