Rs3 bosses

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Play Now.Updated: Oct 24, What's going on guys! My name's Theoatrixand today I'm going to be showing you guys 4 very easy bosses that you can easily master with a little bit of practice. Once you get the basic strategy down, you can make millions per hour, up to 3 mil - 4 mil per hour with some of these. So, throughout this article, I'll tell you the requirements, the required gear, as well as the strategy to kill the bosses. I'm going to do a few kills on each of them in some low level gear to show you that it is possible to do these bosses without much money.

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rs3 bosses

Dagannoth Rex So, the first boss of this video is Dagannoth Rexand in order to kill Dagannoth Rex, I'd recommend having at least 70 in all of the combat statswhich is pretty low for a boss monster.

You get Dagannoth as a Slayer Task very commonly, and if you have one as a slayer task, you can make a heap of profit by doing the whole thing at the Dagannoth Rex. You can use the Slayer helmet if you're on a slayer task, but at the moment, the full Guthan set is only about 3 mil. So, this makes it a really, really good set up to use at Dagannoth Rex right now for low levels, and it's a lot cheaper than other set ups that use the Serpentine Helmor the Verac's Helmor the plate skirt.

For those that don't know, Rex has a magic level of 0. Which means that you can wear any armour with any Magic bonusand still be able to hit him the same as if you wore Magic gear. The best weapon to use at Rex is a Tridentand if you don't have a lot of money, you can buy an uncharged Trident at the Grand Exchange for about 50k, and then charge it with charges just for one trip at Rex.

The two things you need to focus on are Magic damage boostso the Occult necklaceand Prayer bonus, as this is very important at Rex as well, especially if you have a low defence level. In your inventory you do need Rune Thrownaxes if you're going on your own. That's the only way to get into the Dagannoth Kings. Also, if you're going on your own, you will need a pet rock and you can drop that on the gate as you're trying to go in.

It will work as if someone else is standing there. I brought a lot of prayer potionsand that's for players that have a very low defence level. You'll see soon when I go to kill Rex, that I don't even need to use Prayer there, and that's since my Defence and Magic level are very close to But, for those people that have around 70 in those stats, it is recommended to Pray Magic while you're killing Rex.

rs3 bosses

Navigating through the Water Birth Island Dungeon isn't too difficult. But, you just have to make sure you get your Prayer switches right as you go through. Once you get all the way to the bottom, there's a root that you can jump over to peek into the Dagannoth cave in a safe area. That's really helpful for world hoppingand if you need to find an empty world.Information for returning players. Common Posts To Avoid. Discontinued Flairs - Change your flair text.

You can read the full rules here. Rank the RS bosses from easiest to hardest. I literally afk on revolution at all the GWD1 bosses. QBD you actually have to do something and has KO potential. Disconnect at QBD is guaranteed death. Didn't notice he had rago before bm, but since it's team based I suppose he's right. DPSing rago is really easy. I put Helwyr before Vindicta because once you get the mechanics of Helwyr you can basically use 0 food.

That and I'm less experienced in Vindicta so it might just be me, but the pathing seem really shit in there.

rs3 bosses

Thats hilarious, I could potentially do hours at vindicta without any food, but no so at Helwyr I just find the mushrooms to be very annoying, not many bosses have such and rng based mechanic like that. I thought Helwyr was forced into doing his correct rotation now? As such, you can consistently resonance the one bleed swipe per rotation. I hate classifying difficulty by how much food you use. There's a lot of videos out there showing no food Araxxi kills. That doesn't mean it's easy.

Helwyr takes more effort to kill and not die than Vindicta does, regardless of how much food used. I would say Helwyr takes the most effort out of any of the GWD2 bosses. In my opinion, it doesn't matter how much food you use if all you have to do for the first half of the kill is worry about your best dps rotation. That's pretty easy in my book. Arguably the hardest part about bm for learners is the airuts before bm.

I see soooo many learners die to them because they forget to pray in time.Learning how to PvM can potentially be hard. This is fairly easy to build up. Just take a weapon and whack something with it. Again like Prayer, can be expensive. However, Warbands can completely get around the high cost, and even then making untradable potions like extremes and etc can pay themselves off after using them for low-end PvM like GWD.

Storm Shards and Shatter are much more situational and only good for very specific conditions, so buy them last. Each codex at the time of this writing September 28 is worth around 12m, which is an absolute steal for how good all of these abilities are. Some bosses like GWD2 can also let you get away without a few of these requirements so you can build up some cash for the requirements up there, so take advantage of them as much as possible.

Without a doubt, you should start with solo bosses. Get accustomed to being able to do DPS effectively.

If you meet all the requirements above, aim for sub second kills, then sub, then sub seconds. Keep trying until you either can achieve them or you feel comfortable enough with low-end PvM. Move onto Commander Zilyana right after. GWD2 is the logical next step. After all that, head to Araxxor and Telos. Mastering both encounters will put your PvM knowledge at a fairly good level. The more roles you know, the more valuable you are as a team player, so try to learn roles as much as possible.

So you learned as much roles as you want and made enough money for even more upgrades. Boss School. Skip to content. Which Boss??? Expanding to BiS So you learned as much roles as you want and made enough money for even more upgrades. Search for:. Powered by WordPress. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.The main goal of this article is to hopefully help some low level players work out which boss they are capable of killing, and for the higher level players, hopefully it gives you a better idea of the difficulty of all the bosses. So, keep in mind throughout this article, the difficulty of these are from my own experience, and my own opinion on the bosses.

Barrows Brothers. So, starting off, the easiest bossor set of bosses in Old School Runescape has to be the Barrows Brothers.

The Giant Mole. Next in line has to be the Giant Molewhich is underneath Falador Park. With Protect from Melee onyou can really solo boss very easily.

But, he can get really tedious and annoying without the Hard Falador Achievement Diarywhich gives the Mole locator. To kill the Giant Mole, all you need is around base 60 Melee combat statsand at least level 43 Prayer for Protect from Melee.

He drops about 20 per killno matter what, and he also drops a pet at the rate of 1 in The King Black Dragon. Next is the King Black Dragon in a team. But, in a team of people with above 70 Rangeyou can really easily kill him, and kill him very quickly. He drops the pet at a rate of 1 inand he also drops the Draconic Visage at a rate of 1 in The Chaos Elemental. Next on the list has to be the Chaos Elementalas long as you are using the flinching method to kill him.

But, with the regular way of killing him, he would be a lot higher on this list, and you would need far higher stats. He drops the Chaos Elemental pet at a rate of 1 inand he drops the Dragon Pickaxe at a rate of 1 in Dagannoth Rex.

It would take a bit of time to get the hang of Rex and the spawns, but once you understand where you need to stand to just solo Rex, and none of the others, it becomes a piece of cake.

Rex drops the Berserker Ringwhich is currently about 2and he drops it at a rate of 1 in It also drops the Pet Rex at a rate of 1 in Next is Scorpiathe Wilderness bosswhich is located near the Chaos Elementaland it is recommended to have at least level 75 Magic for the Trident.

You will also need Protect from Rangeso 40 Prayerto kill him. You also need freeze spells like Entangle, but the best to use is Ice Burstsince you need to freeze two of the healers at once. But, if you are solo, you will need freeze spells.

Scorpia drops the Odium and Malediction Shards 3, and they are both well above 2 each. It also drops the pet at a rate of 1 in The Dagannoth Kings. As a group, the Dagannoth Kings can really, really easily be done. In a group of 3 people with base 70 Combat statsyou can stay there for almost like two hours consistently killing all 3 of the Kings. In order to kill them effectively, you really need to understand how they work, and how to do them.

The Dagannoth Kings drop their corresponding rings at a rate of 1 inand they also drop the pets at a rate of 1 in I have a guide explaining if you would like to check that out. To kill him and his hellhounds effectively, you should have at least 70 in all of the combat statsand you can do it with more than one person.Lava Strykwyrms are a high-level slayer monster located deep in the wilderness.

Being released with the tier 85 Staff of Darkness, Strykebow, and the Lava Whip on the 16th of February,they were the first monsters that were able to drop sub 80 level weapons.

Killing Lava Strykwyrms requires level 94 slayer, gaining its tasks from Kuradal and Movran. They do not require a slayer task to defeat them.

Along with 94 slayer, players should also have very high combat stats, approximately 90 defense and magic, 95 prayer and 96 herblore wielding a noxious staff and ganodermic armor. Since you will be in the wilderness, do not take items that you can not afford to lose. Your inventory should consist of overloads, super restore flasks, food and magic notepaper for the searing ashes the Strykwyrms drop.

The only items worth picking up from the Lava Strykwyrms are the searing ashes, gold drops, noted items, and the tier 85 drops. Killing Lava Strykwyrms can net you approximately 2 million gold per hour at medium efficiency if you are moderately lucky with the tier 85 drops.

If you get super lucky, you can make up to 15 million gold per hour. General Graardor is regarded to be the second hardest god wars one boss, allowing high-level players to be able to kill him efficiently. This efficient nature of the boss is what makes it desirable for the majority of Runescape players as you can kill over 70 General Graardor per hour. The fastest way to reach the god wars dungeon is to use a god wars teleport tab that can be bought from the grand exchange, teleporting you right outside the entrance of the dungeon.

Killing General Graardor requires a minimum of 70 strength to enter the Bandos encampment in the god wars dungeon. Along with 70 strength, players should have at least 90 attack, defense, strength, and constitution, 95 prayer and 96 herblore wielding dual drygore weapons and bandos armor. Your inventory should consist of overloads, super restore flasks, food, magic notepaper for bone drops and alchemy runes for rune items.

The items worth picking up from General Graardor are the ourg bones, rune items, gold drops and bandos armor pieces. Killing General Graardor nets you around 1. If you get super lucky, you can make up to 3 million gold per hour.

It is a giant demon that is located north of troll stronghold. This AFK nature of the boss is what makes it desirable for the majority of Runescape players. If you get super lucky, you can make up to 4. It is a giant bird that is located north of troll stronghold. Along with 70 range, players should have at least 90 range and defense, 95 prayer and 96 herblore wielding a noxious bow and armadyl armor.If you have ever played RuneScape in your life, you probably met some bosses.

If you just starting to play this game — this list of bosses will come in handy.


In this article, we will learn in detail how to deal with various RuneScape creatures. It is essential to remember that there are some bosses you can meet for free. For other creatures make sure to have some runescape gold so that to avoid troubles that can be caused by them. Extremely hard : you have to be flawless, know all mechanics and make good damage to the boss Nex, Solak, Telos. The bosses of Elite Dungeons are not so hard to deal with.

They just take a little time and you need to know some of the mechanics to properly kill them. Otherwise, you will be instantly killed or be heavily punished. As soon as you know how to avoid frequent mistakes, you should be fine. Despite enjoying the game itself, many players are seeking to get some profit from killing bosses. Well, you might do well if paying your attention to the most profitable bosses in the game.

As you may already know, some bosses require less preparation, while others are possible to kill only in a team. However, the more difficult it is to damage him — the more profit you may get.

Start from the very beginning and move slowly to the top-bosses.

The Shadow Reef Quick Guide - All Bosses Covered! [Runescape 3] Elite Dungeon 3 Help!

Do not forget to boost your skills and experience by mastering them every day. We believe that this is the only way to get to the top. What are the most dangerous bosses from your perspective? What difficulties do you have while dealing with them?

Do not hesitate to share your worries with us in the comments.

The RuneScape Bosses Ranking for Beginners

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